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Not Afraid to Be “The Bad Guy”

I help business owners clearly define & express their company’s culture to new & existing employees so that apparel is no longer an issue in the workplace. Consider me your HR liaison. Let me be “the bad guy” & while you reap all the rewards of having a professional looking staff that’s a true reflection of your company’s ideals.

Workshop & seminar topics:

Dressing for Success
Fashion That Should NEVER Happen
Untold Secrets of Interviewing

Corporations, colleges & universities, small businesses, women’s organizations

My first book, Mostly Sunny…With a Chance of Clouds & Rain, is a compilation of funny stories & anecdotes of an old school mom raising new school kids. It’s available at & in paperback & e-book.

I’ve been a math professor & tutor for over 15 years. I’ve worked at colleges, universities & in the local school system. I also taught classes on how to study in general & how to study math (look for my book in 2014).

I’m the owner of The Jewelry Lady, an online jewelry store which provides jewelry as unique as the individual wearing it. Visit to see selections which range from conservative to trendy & uniqe!

As random as my areas of expertise may appear on the surface, my passion is people. I love to help people discover who they are inside & out so they can find & keep the position of their dreams & maintain their personality while they are there. I work with campus career services to help students with interviewing & apparel, at women’s organizations to help women re-entering the workforce & with corporations who need their current employees dial their professional dress up a notch. With years of hiring, educating, training, recruiting & people management under my belt, I’m not afraid to be the “bad guy” when it comes to having those hard conversations about workplace attire. But I’m the nicest “bad guy” you’ll ever meet!


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